Public Poster Program II (10 / october 2017)

You used to be part of something (public poster edition, silkscreen print on C-MAT 150 gr., 68 x 94 cm. /26.8 x 37 inches, edition 25, signed and numbered, 2017

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Hors-série # 56 (september 2015)

SIZING & RESIZING - All sound intentions and then the mushroom kicks in, wall work, black vinyl lettering on vinyl transfer paper, dimensions variable, edition 15 (all in a different size), 2015

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Hors série # 019 (march 2013)

Quests Objects, steel sculpture with wax candle + handmade rubbing on Claire Fontaine, steel sculpture 45 x 45 x 30 cm. /17.7 x 17.7 x 11.8 inches, handmade rubbing A2 format 42 x 59.4 cm. /16.5 x 23.4 inches, 75 grams, edition 10, signed and numbered, 2013

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Quest Object sculpture with candle                                                            detailed view of candle. Background: A2 rubbing.



candle                                                      installation View


Quest Object consists of a sculpture/candlestick that holds a candle in the shape of the artist’s head. The steel candle stick is spray painted in gray high gloss lacquer.
Quest object is accompanied by a A2 rubbing. The rubbing shows a figure/knight (Widu Gasti) holding two candles.  A figure/selfportrait that occurs in several works by Vaast Colson. The figure appears through its black background. Seemingly lit up by the candles the figure is holding.

The signed and numbered rubbing (edition of 10) is stored in the diagonal tube that holds the candle.

Simular to the drawing, the actual candle functions as an object to enlighten its close environment. To light up the drawing that can be installed alongside the sculpture.

An object to be used when one is in search of - a a quest object.


Vaast Colson Foundation Service Tray Edition, multiple, silkscreen on acrylic, 46 x 35 x 2 cm., edition of 60, signed and numbered, 2012

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A tray to serve drinks at special occasions, but also the shield of Widu Gasti (celtic for knight Vaast) to hang in the armoury or reception room.


DAILY SLEEPDRUNKEN LISTS, artists' book, 29.6 x 21 cm., 736 pages, limited edition of 75 copies, signed and numbered, clean press #05, 2009
€ 250,-

Daily Sleepdrunken Lists is a systematic work that Vaast Colson completed within a specific time-frame. From 21st June 2007 to 20th June 2008 his first task each day was to quickly and intuitively fill in an alphabetical list. A habitual action which soon became an unexceptional part of the morning ritual, on the same level as filling a glass of water, but which did require time at the most delicate moment of the day. The aim was not to create a work conspicuous for its long duration, but to intensify the factor of time as part of the visual work and to give himself a task that confronts the unseen, routine aspect of being an artist. The work of art is reduced to a matter of discipline, because there is only one single passion: living for 365 days, giving substance to these days, remaining alert and in the process leaving a trace of oneself. The result is a structured, encyclopaedic work in which minimal variations appear, influenced by the geographical location, personal mood and physical condition.