INVERSION (Paris edition), softcover artists’book, all pages by silk screen printing, everything in a unique edition, A3 variant format, 43 pages, edition 80, numbered, 2017

€ 490,-

please notice: you can’t choose an edition. All editions, all pages are unique. The images below gives an impression how the book looks like.












Outskirts, artists' book with 2 signed and numbered colour photographs. Artists' book: signed by the artist, paperback, 92 pages, 23 x 31.4 cm. /9.1 x 12.4 inches, English, 2017. Photographs: each Untitled, each 22.3 x 31.4 cm. /9.1 x 12.4 inches, edition 50, each signed and numbered on the backside by the artist, 2017

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2 signed and numbered colour photographs





cover artists' book                                                                                   inside pages



inside pages


A hallucinatory night walk in the outskirts of Tokyo, where sleepy suburbia emerges as otherworldly dreamscape. The occasional eerie appearance of a girl evokes riveting imageries: could this be the backdrop for a nocturnal crime scene? Or are we drawn into a tale of irretrievable loss and love?

For this photo essay Daisuke Yokota shot his haunting images on colour film before changing them to a monochrome palette. The camera staggers around without fixing its attention, resulting in a stream of images of trees, parked cars, street corners and forlorn buildings.

The work of Yokota unpretentiously traverses the boundaries between the digital and the analogue, overdeveloping film, re-photographing and scanning images and warping them with heat, dust or acid. Yokota’s energetic and unique process is permeated by the spectral qualities of the medium.