SIEDLUNG, cardboard box containing a set of 7 photographs mounted on MDF and a signed and numbered copy of the book ‘Siedlung’, edition 10, size of photographs 13.5 x 18 x 3 cm., of which one is signed and numbered on the back. All 7 photographs taken in the ‘Ganghofersiedlung' (Ehem. Siedlung Göringheim), Regensburg, 2008

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SIEDLUNG, artists' book over 240 photographs of houses, built in Germany, between '33 - '45, offset printed in an edition of 500, b/w, 256 pages, hard cover, linen bound, 2008
Special edition: artists' book includes 4 (sewn in) coloured silkscreens of churches, edition 40, signed and numbered, 2008

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Siedlung is the German word for neighbourhood or settlement.

In Nazi Germany before WWII a lot of Siedlungen were built in order to offer a house to every working class NSDAP-member. This Siedlungpolitik was a powerful propaganda tool to submit the working class to the State as well as to provide living space for Nazi's. The building and distribution of tens of thousands of those houses were carefully controlled by the Party. The often regional style in which the houses were built had to provide a Heimat (homeland)-feeling to the inhabitants and the uniform character of these settlements were to bring a feeling of unity amongst the Germans.