Family at 4 o'clock in Topolo, photogram on light sensitive linen, 3 pieces taped together with double-sided adhesive tape, total overall dimensions app. 250 x 400 cm /98.4 x 157.5 inches, unique artwork, titled, signed, dedicated to Topolonians and dated on certificate (b/w photograph), 2000

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As a contribution to Stazione di Topolò | Postaja Topolove (Stazione di Topolò | Postaja Topolove is an annual cultural festival that has been organized since 1994 by Donatella Ruttar and Moreno Miorelli. The festival takes place in Topolò, a small mountain village in Friuli in northeastern Italy, on the border with Slovenia), Ulay made a monumental group portrait, ‘Family at 4 o'clock’, measuring approximately 250 x 400 cm., a portrait of 5 residents from the village that he executed on the spot. A stable was converted into a photographic darkroom, light-sensitive linen hung in strips on a wall, and by means of briefly illuminating the space, the photo was taken, capturing the situation as it was. Ulay then subsequently applied developer, stop bath and fixer using large sponges, after which the silhouettes of the subjects became visible.

The ‘making of’ of ‘Family at 4 o'clock’ in Topolò was documented on video at the time by Martina Kafol and Katja Colja. Please contact gallery for more information.




titled, signed, dedicated to Topolonians, dated certificate (b/w photograph)