Build, artists' book with 20 prints by David Tremlett, slipcase with loose pages, each page 40 x 30 cm. /15.7 x 11.8 inches, cotton paper, edition 50, signed and numbered 2017

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The travelling artist, David Tremlett is a globetrotter, curious about the world. In his work, he gives his interpretation of his travel experiences made up of lights, colours, architecture. The journey becomes a phenomenological experience, a recording of shapes and sounds. The geometric drawings... rectangles, trapezoids, circles, triangles, are a versatile and universal sign alphabet that takes shape in the book, page after page. Each image is the consequence of the previous page and itís an anticipation of the following page. The special layout, the accurate print of the plates serve to evoke, through the pages of the book, his travel memories.


Form and Rhythm, jet of pigments ink on cotton paper, 127 x 162 cm. /50 x 63.8 inches, edition 10, signed and numbered, 2015

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