About us


mo-artbusiness is part of mo-artgallery, a renowned gallery with a worldwide network. Thanks to this international network we have built a superior art-collection over the years. This collection contains a mixture of work of established artists and future talents. Please watch www.mo-artgallery.com 


mo-artbusiness is specialized in modern and contemporary art in any shape, form, appearance and price range. Paintings and graphics. Photography and drawings. Our customers are companies, collectors, private consumers, galleries and museums. 


mo-artbusiness offers its customers art editions from the most sought after artists of the moment.




About Art - Where mo-artbusiness Stands For


Art inspires and touches people. Art can revise buildings into statements. Art conveys its owners’ tale through shapes, colors and expression.  

Corporations and institutions recognize in increasing measure the power of a painting, an image or a photo. However, a gap still exists between appreciation and actual ownership. Costs, quality, offering, finance and fine-tuning: art raises questions that companies cannot always easily respond to themselves.  


mo-artbusiness advises enterprises and organizations in creating and implementing art policy. Together with our clients we set goals and develop a suitable strategy. 


mo-artbusiness has an extensive network of artists, galleries, museums, collectors, companies and institutions ever since 1998. The network together with our knowledge, experience and art-collection is a fruitful soil for successful cooperation.  




Together With Us - Service  


mo-artbusiness supports and advises companies in creating a sustained and stable art-collection. We offer personal service through dialogue and advice regarding purchase and collection-building. Framing, delivery and hanging are part of our service package.  



According To Us - Our Vision 


Art stands for communication. mo-artbusiness’s vision is that art is the mode to communicate to clients, relations and employees. Accessibility of art-work within companies is our purpose. In cooperation with the customer mo-artbusiness identifies objectives and together we develop a tangible strategy.


mo-artbusiness guarantees you a 100% authenticity of the works of art.