Inasmuch as it has alreadytaken place, this edition consists of 2 books and a vinyl disk. The first book contains emails about the vinyl’s arduous path to fruition and the second serves as an appendix – an accumulation of the emails’ attachments (diagrams, renderings, sound file references) and images of vinyl cutting tests, alongside archival material from the artist’s studio, digital and silk screen print on Curious Collection paper, perspex box with graphite memory foam insert, 33.4 x 33.4 x 8.2 cm., edition of 12, signed and numbered by the artist, 2019
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Figuring Grounds, video, 7 min. 19 sec., mincolour, stereo sound, edition 150, signed and numbered, 1985

€ 900,-



Commentary, video, 40 sec., colour, sound, edition 35, signed and numbered, 1980

€ 3000,-