The Fifth Night, ink jet print, image size 56 x 37.3 cm. /22 x 14.7 inches, edition 50, signed and numbered, 2012
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In Fifth Night, a single scene has been filmed simultaneously from seven different vantage points to create an open-ended narrative. The scene depicts a number of figures who wander and cross paths in a dark city square. This disjunctive narrative offers a sense of dislocation that is reflective of the new China as well as a rapidly changing contemporary society, and explores the tension between traditional ideologies/values, and recent modernization. Described by the artist as “a midnight theatre for an audience of one,?the film explores internal dialogues and emotive states during this “loneliest hour of the night.?For this Artist Edition, Yang Fudong selected a single image from his seven-screen installation that captures some of the mysterious and poetic beauty of his film: a young woman in a floral dress gazes into the distance while a young man stands behind her, his gaze fixed on her.