When Expectations Meet Needs, photo print offset 200 g/m2, 17.3 x 12.2 inches /43.9 x 31 cm., edition 50, signed and numbered, 2014

€ 250,-


The edition consists of a view of the Jana Euler show at the Cabinet gallery (2013) where a series of paintings was presented surmounted by an anamorphic wall painting borrowing the words When expectations meet needs.The deformed text is thus put back together from a pre-established viewpoint (adopted in the edition). The exhibition compares two kinds of visibility. The first is to consider each painting individually—but without the complete text. The second is to take the exhibition as a flattened image with a perfectly readable text, but where the views of the paintings are distorted and partial. The text refers to the need for information about works which must be immediately accessible on the Internet. The challenge is to make the exhibition a perfect image (for websites and Contemporary Art Daily alike) which contains all the information required to replace visiting the exhibition.
The same view can be found on CAD, but the choice to make a printed edition six months after the show makes it possible to speak out against the process of immediate appropriation permitted by the Internet, and its consequences on the libidinal economy in the art field.

The B-motion alphabet expressing different emotions, silkscreen print and spray on paper, 66 x 56 cm. /26 x 22 inches, edition 120, signed and numbered, 2017

€ 250,-