360 SPIRIT CAR, engraved hand blown soda glass, edition 10, cm. /18 x 18 x 26 cm. /7.1 x 7.1 x 10.2 inches, certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, 2015

€ 1100,-






Petra Cortright created 360 SPIRIT CAR online by using and altering the stock sentences and a stock product of the website thingsremembered.com, North America’s biggest retailer of personalized merchandise, gifts and experiences. 


The engraving on 360 SPIRIT CAR reads: 


 #Orchid #My Selfies 

 #Are #The #Tags #I 

 #Picked #Out #4Likes 


 In 1988, the hash tag first appeared and was used within IRC networks to label groups and topics. Channels or topics available across an entire IRC network, were prefixed with a hash symbol. The use of the hash tag in IRC networks inspired micro bloggers to make use of the hash tag for groups and shared topics of interest. 


With 360 SPIRIT CAR, the artist transforms anonymous stock language and products to translate them into a relic that describes topics of interest for micro blogging networks while it simultaneously references to globalized styles of home decoration and expressions of friendship.