Hors sÚrie # 034 (may 2014)

Untitled (A1 for sunday), object, wood, glass, harware, 99.5 x 75 x 12.5 cm., edition 6, signed and numbered, 2014

Produced in Bern (CH)

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with the LIAM GILLICK sunday edition


Hors sÚrie # 017 (january 19th 2013)

Untitled (A4), object/sculpture, a handmade framework in which an A4 glass plate is clamped using 2 metal clamps. The glass plate is so confirmed that it crossed under diagonally. The framework is a 3 dimensional object/sculpture who plays with reflection and transparency, edition 10, signed and numbered on certificatecard, 2013. Presented in a by Manuel Burgener designed sculpture/multiple ransport-box. On one hand to send the work to store and, in a second phase as pedestal on which the edition can be presented.

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