Family, silkscreen on paper, 48.3 x 61 cm. /19 x 24 inches, edition 80, signed and numbered on backside, 2017

€ 350,-



Bradley has made a black-and-white silkscreen print, produced from his recent ongoing series of humanoid comic-drawings. Characteristic of the works he’s created in this ilk, “Family” (2017) channels the satiric tone of Philip K. Dick or R. Crumb. Here, strokes of black ink applied to a white page depict a ladder leading up to a high platform bed and a blanket laid across it covering various odd forms: two pairs of feet are easily detected before two more come to light, revealing a family sharing a bed, two kids all tucked in while the grown-ups beside them lay stacked one atop the other, making love.


Untitled, inkjetprint on newsprint, 71.1 x 54.6 cm. /28 x 21.5 inches, edition 100, signed and numbered, 2014

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