Portrait Chinois de C.B., diptychon, 2 digital pigmentprints in portfolio, with signed and numbered book, paper size 47.1 x 35 cm., image size 35.1 x 27.5 cm., edition 50, diptychon numbered, book signed, 2006

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La Chanteuse, series of 6 prints, etching, heliogravure, each 66 x 51.5 cm., edition 24, signed and numbered, 1997

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Die Jüdische Schule (from the portfolio „The Frozen Leopard“ II), lithograph on transparent paper, mounted on grey cardboard with masking tape, 60 x 80 cm., edition 60, signed and numbered, 1992

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We can offer several other works by CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI. About these works: please contact us for images, availability, prices and other information.