Swarm, etching, 23 x 18 cm. /9.1 x 7.1 inches, framed, edition 90, signed and numbered, 2000

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Windsock Storyboard, lithograph, 49.5 x 76 cm. /19.5 x 29.9 inches, edition 40, signed and numbered, 2019
£ 500,-
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Windsock Storyboard is based on my film Tete à Tête in which two mechanically operated windsocks are the main protagonists in a romantic drama set in a classic English landscape around Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Here, they turn their back on each other in a pivotal moment of confrontation.
Fiona Banner
Table stops, glazed ceramic, boxed, 30 x 30 x 16 cm., edition 100, signed with a certificate, 2002

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Book 1/1, block print on mirror card, 45 x 64 cm., edition 65, signed and numbered, 2010

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Each print in this edition, Book 1/1, is the same and yet each is unique. Each one has its own ISBN number and is registered under its own individual title. Each one of the edition is therefore an official publication and each is an edition in, and only of, itself. An edition of one…a book reduced to a reference, purely
an imagined space.

Every book published anywhere in the world today carries its own, identifiable ISBN (International Standard Book Number) number. Since 2007 ISBNs have contained 13 digits. Each print in this edition has its own identifiable ISBN number just as every edition of every book published carries its own number.

Fiona Banner questions the currency of the multiple or limited edition. She has explored many of these issues in her work to date. Words, punctuation and copyright have been recurring themes within her work. Through The Vanity Press, the publishing company she set up in 1994, she has explored these subjects using the democratic medium of print.

Printed on reflective mirror card, Book 1/1 is a one-page, one-off book with a story that the viewer cannot escape: reflected in the surface, the viewer, the time and space of the artwork, is its subject.


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