Surly Baboon, lithograph, 76 x 49.5 cm. /29.9 x 19.5 inches, edition 40, signed and numbered, 2018
£ 500,-
£ = British Pound


Monkeys and Baboons are interesting to me because they look and behave a lot like humans, but are not human. The baboon in this print has a facial expression a little bit like my husbandís when he is in a fake bad mood. I guess a Baboon in a bad mood might have a similar expression, so Iím not sure if this is really a portrait of my husband, or of a Baboon.
Francis Upritchard

A Beat, digital pigment print with silkscreen and emboss, 42 x 28 cm. /16.5 x 9.8 inches, edition 50, signed and numbered, 2013

£ 320,-

£ = British Pound