After the life for the most part (a,b,c,d,e,f and g), set of 7 screenprints, 76 x 56 cm. / 56 x 76 cm., edition 16, signed and numbered, 2014

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I Don't Know (SHAKES YOUR HAND AND STABS YOU IN THE BACK AT THE SAME TIME), lambda print back-mounted on laser-cut plexiglass, 58 x 13 x 1/8 inches /147 x 33 x 0.3 cm., edition 20, signed and numbered, 2009

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Continuing his work with found texts and imagery, Toronto artist, Derek Sullivan (b.1976) has combined two divergent source materials. Editions - a quote by Hunter S. Thompson (in which he summarizes Richard Nixon’s political character) and an image of comedian Robin Williams, getting “slimed” at the 19th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in Westwood, California in 2006.