Version, artist's book, 12′′ dubplate, 31.4 x 31.4 cm., edition 10, signed and numbered, 2010

€ 1000,-



The new artist’s book documents Mathias Poledna’s 2004 film installation Version. It features a monographic essay by Juliane Rebentisch on the work and its companion piece, Sufferers Version. Conceived and designed by Mathias Poledna, it takes on the form of a double LP-sleeve with an insert of large-scale plates and a supplementary booklet. The cover motive is in tribute to Ronald Clyne, the seminal designer of album sleeves for the US-label Folkways Records. This numbered edition of 10 is signed by the artist and contains a 12′′ dubplate.





Untitled, digital print on Rochester Plus paper, 30 x 30 cm., edition 100, signed, numbered & dated, 2007

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Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock, lp record, 2007
Side A:
A1. Crest
A2. John Cage Bubblegum
A3. Mountain Instrumental
A4. Reich Song
A5. Cybele's Reverie Pt. 1
A6. Cybele's Reverie Pt. 2
A7. French Disko
A8. Happy Pop Song
A9. Jenny Ondioline
A10. Lucia Pamela

Side B:
B1. NWW Drone Instrumental
B2. Plastic Pulse One
B3. Plastic Pulse Two
B4. Plastic Pulse Three
B5. Plastic Pulse Four
B6. Sad Chicago Organ
B7. Brigitte Pt. 1
B8. Brigitte Pt. 2
B9. Infinity Girl Pt. 1
B10. Infinity Girl Pt. 2
B11. Cobra Tune
B12. Heavy Munich
B13. Zigzag Song
B14. Monday Song


Notice: every release contains a 12” record & an art edition and is limited to 100 copies. The intention is to let musicians and artists (in)directly collaborate. The result is a true audiovisual experience from some of the most exciting contemporary artists and musicians of today