Seduction, giclée print, 29.7 x 45 cm. /11.7 x 17.7 inches, edition 25, signed and numbered, 2017
€ 800,-


This edition is a giclée print of a woman lifting her white T-shirt to expose her breasts. The image is taken from a film still from Every Man for Himself by Jean-Luc Godard, and a photography of Ulrike Ottinger, Absinth (Tabea Blumenschein). The idea of this work is to reveal how women show their breasts as a method to get what they want. Showing one’s breasts can be seen as an act of prostitution and a shortcut for the female artist. Could we say that art made by women is a form of prostitution?

Paulina Olowska: "This woman in the photograph, for me, resembles the young Alina Szapocznikow. I was thinking of Alina while creating a collage for her first major survey of work in the UK at the Hepworth Wakefield gallery. The collage relates to my search for the active female muse, a punk. It is not only the muse who inspires, but who takes the lead and controls it—sometimes as a last resort by lifting her shirt. Women like Ulrike Ottinger, Emmy Hennings, Pauline Boty, or Alina Szapocznikow become, for me, role models in a powerful position for maneuvering through male society using forms of seduction as one of the tools to achieve what they want".

Seduction is a way of storytelling.


Goldfinger, photographic giclée print, 46 x 74 cm. /18.1 x 29.1 inches, edition 25, signed and numbered, 2017

£ 500,-

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