MO-ARTASIA is part of MO-ARTGALLERY, a renowned gallery with a worldwide network. Thanks to this international network we have built a superior art-collection over the years. This collection contains a mixture of work of established artists and future talents. Please watch www.mo-artgallery.com 


MO-ARTASIA is specialized in ASIAN modern and contemporary art in any shape, form, appearance and price range. Paintings and graphics. Photography and drawings. 


MO-ARTASIA offers its customers work of (click on artists' name or image to go directly to the artists' page):


Yu Fan        Weng Fen        Yang Fudong        Wang Guangyi        Hong Hao        Zeng Hao        Sui Jianguo        Liu Jianhua        Yang Jiechang        Song Kun        Han Lei        Yan Lei        Fang Lijun        Wang Mai        Maleonn        Feng Mengbo        Yue Minjun        Wang Ningde        Wang Qingsong        Yang Shaobin        Xiaobai Su        Peng Wei        Chen Wenbo        Chen Wenling        Liu Xiaodong        Zhang Xiaogang        Cui Xiuwen        Huang Yan        Liu Ye        Yang Yong        Ye Yongqing        Yu Youhan        Shen Yuan        Li Zhangyang        Feng Zhengjie        Qiu Zhijie        Yi Zhou






























Together With Us - Service  


MO-ARTASIA supports and advises collectors in creating a sustained and stable art-collection of Asian artists. We offer personal service through dialogue and advice regarding purchase and collection-building. Framing, delivery and hanging are part of our service package.