Berliner Schlüssel #17, ditone print, 32 x 48 cm. /12.6 x 18.9 inches, edtiion 100, signed on the front and numbered on the back, 2010/2011

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Berliner Schlüssel #17 unites on one sheet two different motifs which are characteristic for Koether’s work. The first drawing refers to Marcel Broodthaers “The Triumph of Mussels (Triomphe de Moules I (Moules Casserole))” (1965) and shows a pot filled with mussels. Here, live and art come together in both literal and humorous way just like Koether’s different modes of artistic expression which can best be compared to reading “The Thirst for Annihilation, Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism” and listening to Jazz Rock opus “Bitches Brew” by Miles Davis at the same time spark a flash, the second typical sign in her work to be found on the other print.


The Double Session, 2 colour etching on somerset velvet radiant white paper (300gsm), paper size 32 x 23 cm., image size 27 x 20.5 cm., edition 20, uniquely annotated on verso by artist, 2013

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