==, artists' book and 5 multiples by Liz Deschenes, Nikolas Gambaroff, James Richards, Kay Rosen and Erika Vogt, 108 pages, 29.3 x 22.8 cm. /11.5 x 9 inches, edition 150, signed and numbered, 2012

€ 195,-




Liz Deschenes                                            Nikolas Gambaroff                                        James Richards


Kay Rosen


Erika Vogt

== is a work by New York based artist Matt Keegan and features newly commissioned essays, interviews between artists and editioned works. It consists of a book and 5 multiples by internationally known artists such as Liz Deschenes, Nikolas Gambaroff, James Richards, Kay Rosen and Erika Vogt.

The 10 critical texts regarding the five artists are from:

- Sarah Charlesworth and Carter Mull for Liz Deschenes 
- Chris Kraus and Nora Schultz for Nikolas Gambaroff 
- Ed Atkins and Steve Reinke for James Richards 
- Alejandro Cesarco and Cary Leibowitz for Kay Rosen 
- Math Bass and John Miller for Erika Vogt


The interviews are from:

- Ajay Kurian & Sreshta Rit Premnath 
- Caleb Considine & Caitlin MacBride 
- Josh Tonsfeldt & Uri Aran
- Alex Kwartler & Michele Abeles 
- Paul Lee & Jacob Robichaux


Although it looks like it, == is not the catalogue of an exhibition. It is exactly the opposite, it is an independent project, conceived ahead of an exhibition. In fact, Matt Keegan has devised an exhibition from the publication, rather than the traditional reverse. Even more, an illimited number of venues may be produced. Emphasizing the wall as a page, each one provides a temporary container for ==’s various parts, allowing Matt Keegan to act as protagonist of the fictive curatorial project. 


The first proposal for the exhibition was held from May 12 to June 30,2012 at mfc-michèle didier gallery.


The enigmatic title of this publication refers to html programming and the double equal sign is used to creat equivalent fields. Open to various pronunciations, this symbol points to the plurality of this edition and its future life as a computer file.