Early Knowledge Obliterated, 2 cover diptychs, 1 printed in offset duotone, the other in inkjet, the covers are held by 2 metal stands fixed to the wall at eye level, covers (4 unfold) each 83.7 x 28.7 cm., each metal stands 40.7 x 38.5 x 17 cm., edition 8, signed and numbered, 2017

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Hors série # 048 (april 2015)  

A Participation Implied by the Elipses in the Program, 4 colour silkscreen print on CMAT, 150 gr. 170 x 120 cm. /66.9 x 47.2 inches, edition 20, signed and numbered, 2015

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The Sculptor's Workshop, artists’ book and engraving in a single frame. Artists’ book 20 pages, 22 x 16 cm. Engraving 38 x 29.5 cm. 

The edition can be framed on request. Frame 66.4 x 49.2 cm., natural oak, passe-partout Peterboro Museum Traditional White, edition 28, signed and numbered, 2013

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Already Uttered on Numerous Occasions in Various Places/ Ignorance Never Settles a Question, two artists' books with a strip & two inkjet prints on rag paper, artists' books: offset printing, 32 pages, each 23.7 x 17 cm., inkjet prints: each 23.7 x 17 cm., edition 30, signed and numbered, 2010 - 2011

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