Love (box of 4 drawings), a set of pigmented carbon prints, each 21 x 30 cm. /inches, edition 30, signed and numbered, 2017

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The practice of drawing occupies an essential place in the work of Mircea Cantor. It is necessary. In the workshop, and outside the workshop. The time he can devote to him being rather rare and interspersed, he must be quick and precise. As early as 2011, he was interested in Chinese painters of the 19th century or Japanese Zen painters, especially for the speed with which they succeed in shaping ideas or their subject. He also discovers the modern paintings of the Kalighat, those paintings on roll of Bengal in vogue in the nineteenth century. Painters had to adapt the art of miniature to the constraints of their time - notably the rise of pilgrimages -, inventing a unique narrative style and modifying their technique to gain speed and virtuosity. It is this quest for the «prima linea», with the lively and concise stroke imposed by circumstances, that Mircea Cantor likes. A line that he must «adjectivate», accompany by the addition or lack, as the writing of a poem.

The four drawings grouped in this edition are part of a set of erotic drawings made late at night, during a time of inti- mate and solitary watch. They are recognizable because they carry in them a pre-sleeping tension, testifying to a form of drunkenness that fatigue and concentration arouse at this hour of the night. They are executed in 2016 on a single notebook in one go, quickly, in ink, with a Japanese pen / brush. Nothing can be changed or withdrawn. The drawings they drew from, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, belong to a treatise on tantric art written by the essayist and collector Ajit Mookerjee (1915-1990). There are many diagrams, such as the one by Mircea Cantor in this edition, translating into the conceptual and abstract world, using primitive symbols, what exists in the figurative world. 









The DVD collection, entitled "Bootleg", has 7 issues, with DVD's by VibekeTandberg (Bootleg nr. 1), Carlos Amorales (bootleg nr. 2), Jonathan Monk (Bootleg nr. 3), Dave Allen/Douglas Gordon/Jonathan Monk (Bootleg nr. 4), François Xavier Courrèges (Bootleg nr. 5), Robert Barry (Bootleg nr. 6) and Mircea Cantor (Bootleg nr. 7).
Each DVD is an edition of 50, each DVD is signed and numbered, and each DVD is packaged in a especially designed plexiglass box, sizes 30 x 20 x 2 cm. Published between 2001-2003.
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Vibeke Tandberg, Rennid Gnikam, 2001

Tandberg is best known for her intense photography and 16mm films, which tease our perception of what is, or could be, real.

Carlos Amorales, Mambo 4' 44", 2001
Amorales has been addressing issues of identity by developing a multi-layered transcultural, inter-urban artistic game that re-activates one of the most important icons of urban popular culture in Mexico: the masked wrestler.

Jonathan Monk, '1-50', 2003

Dave Allen/Douglas Gordon/Jonathan Monk, 'Dance Practice, Stooges Burnt Out', 2003

Francois-Xavier Courrèges, 'Rebirth', 2003

Robert Barry, 'Now and Then', 2003

Mircea Cantor, '(...)', 2003

François Xavier Courrèges (bootleg nr. 5)


set of 7 DVD's



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