Zero Mass: The Art of Eric Orr, Eric ORR & James Lee BYARS. Book Description: Lund , Sweden : Anders Tornberg Gallery / AB Propexus, 1990, 1990. In mint condition. Non-standard binding 28 x 29.5 x 9 cm., sewn bound. Other special feature[s], color, edition size 1000, unsigned and unnumbered.

A collaborative book by Eric Orr [1939 - 1998] and James Lee Byars [1932-1997] as well as a "unique" multiple by Byars. Book is comprised of an anodized steel faced book with extensive images and text, mostly serving as a quasi-catalogue raisonné of Orr's work, along with texts jointly authored by Orr and Byars, with additional text by Thomas McEvilley. Book is accompanied by a handmade ball of fired clay, titled by Byars "The Sphere of Generosity." Texts in English. Like all works by Byars and McEvilley the texts read as a personal journal about their friendship, which is shared with Orr herein. Book and multiple are housed in a molded Styrofoam box, which is packaged within a inside a screenprinted cardboard sleeve. A number of additional highlights include "The Matter of O" [pp. 15], on which the Orr stamped a ring of his own blood - a la a coffee stain. The "Skull Page" [pp. 163-4] is noted within the colophon as being an inserted page of handmade paper by Yoshio Ikezaki, using kozo fibers impregnated with the powdered mummy's skull. Pages 25-26 torn as designed by the artists. The unique steel covers are in mint condition.

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