Deutsche Werte, the portfolio includes "Auswahlbeutel" as envelope, 1 copie of Dreierblock "Deutsches Reich" (brouwn, on plastic foil), 1 copie of "Hitler", 1 copie of postcard (printed on both sides), 1 copie of "Bogen Hitler", 1 copie of Auswahlbeutel "Deutsche Werte", 67 x 50 cm., 12 copies, each part signed, portfolio signed and numbered, 1967

€ 8000,-


Vor Mondrian, letterpress on Chinese rice paper, glued on stemped paper, 100 x 70 cm. /39.4 x 27.6 inches, edition 105, edition A: 60 copies (numbered, 1/60 - 60/60), edition B: 45 copies (numbered, I/XLV - XLV/XLV, as artists’ proofs), signed and numbered, 1990
€ 750,-



Bilder einer Ausstellung (Images of an Exhibition), portfolio with 10 etchings by KP Brehmer, each 53 x 67 cm., not signed, 11 hand coloured photostats by Philip Corner each 21.5 x 35.5 cm., signed and numbered, and 1 LP, 1975 / 1988
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Originally an edition of edition 30 was planned, but only a few exemplars were realized.
The edition was only completed after the death of KP BREHMER. The etchings were printed under the supervision of the artist, but are not signed.