Trotskys Study, etching, 89 x 62 cm. /35 x 24.4 inches, edition 99, signed and numbered, 1987

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Trotskys Study




Detritus, artists' book / object, 37 x 65 x 11.5 cm. /14.6 x 25.6 x 4.5 inches, edition 25, signed by the Chairman of The Estate of Francis Bacon, 2006

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Each book is presented as a facsimile of an old leather suitcase from Francis Bacon's studio, discovered in his home in Reece Mews by Brian Clarke. Each book contains 76 facsimiles of items originally found in Francis Bacon's studio and which are now held at Dublin City Gallery (The Hugh Lane Gallery), Ireland. These items include photographs, pages from magazines, sketches, tools, letters and notes written by Francis Bacon, researched and selected from 2001 to 2005 by Brian Clarke and Elena Ochoa Foster. Each facsimile was created individually by hand using special techniques to make new originals. In each suitcase there is an accompanying printed book with texts written by Brian Clarke and Martin Harrison and illustrative photographs by Christa Zauner which document each item.

The director of the edition was Elena Ochoa Foster. The concept and design were Brian Clarke’s. The production of the facsimiles was done by Andrew and Agnes Usill. The accompanying book was printed by Friedrich Brandstetter. Materials used to make the suitcase were researched and then assembled by Nori Forlon, Roberto Duranti, Lorenzo Duranti and Enrico Monzoni. Detritus was published in association with The Estate of Francis Bacon and Dublin City Gallery (The Hugh Lane Gallery), Ireland. Each book has a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Chairman of The Estate of Francis Bacon.