Thin Line, object, sculpture, acrylic-display case with a PMMA mirror as backdrop, glass fibre light line, 220 V., 50 x 50 x 25 cm. /19.7 x 19.7 x 9.8 inches, edition 100, with incised signature, title and numbering on the side, further signed and numbered in black marker on the Certificate of Authenticity affixed to the reverse, co-published by the artist and Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation, 2017

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A special debut on this edition of Amsterdam Light Festival: the world-famous Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei makes an extensive light object along the entire route of the water exhibition. According to curator Lennart Booij, this is the first time since the Amsterdam Light Festival that one artwork runs through the festival as a thread running through it.
With the work, called 'Thin Line', Ai Weiwei wants to draw visitors' attention to figurative and literal boundaries. In this way he gives the theme 'Existential' a political dimension as well as a cultural one. "With this theme, we want to encourage visitors to think positively about what unites people and what role light plays in it", says Booij. With a length of 6.5 kilometres, the work of art is the longest object ever shown during the Amsterdam Light Festival.




The Artists' Hand, object/sculpture, electroplated rhodium on cast urethane resin, 5 x 4 x 4 inches /12.7 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm., edition 1000, artist’s signature inscribed on the base, 2017

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photograph from the Study of Perspective series (1995-2003)


Irreverent and striking, this exclusive new rhodium-plated cast model of Ai Weiwei’s hand has been created by the artist on the occasion of his ambitious new citywide Public Art Fund exhibition Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, on view in New York City Oct 2017 – Feb 2018. The gesture is adapted from Ai’s famed photo series, Study of Perspective (ongoing since 1995), in which his left arm is extended forward with his middle finger raised in front of significant global landscapes, buildings, and monuments. A rejection of authority and political oppression, and an affirmation of individual expression, Artist’s Hand is the embodiment of the artist’s ethos.


Odyssey, off set print, 24 x 36 inches /61 x 91.4 cm., edition 1000, 2017

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In a compelling and beautiful new print, Ai Weiwei calls attention to our shared humanity by adapting the style of classical Greek friezes and vase paintings to depict the many forms of the contemporary global refugee condition. This brand new print is being unveiled on the occasion of Ai’s ambitious citywide Public Art Fund exhibition Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, on view in New York City Oct 2017 – Feb 2018. The bold and striking imagery in Odyssey is based on a work of the same title featured in the exhibition.


Police Brutality, 11 colour pigment print of a X-ray computed tomography on Fabriano Designo Satinato, 50 % Cotton 300 grams, 50 x 70 cm. /19.7 x 27.6 inches, edition 30, signed and numbered, 2010/2011


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AI WEI WEI, artists' book, hardcover wrapped in a silk scarf, 33 x 44 cm., 724 pages, multilingual edition: English, French, German. Full page laser cut chapter openers designed by the artist. The volume is wrapped in a silk scarf (110 cm x 100 cm. /43.3 x 30 inches Habotai silk, digitally printed), based on a detail from Ai Weiwei’s work Straight, a reference to the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. Limited edition of 1,000 copies (No. 101-1,100), 2014
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Becoming, artists' book + original c-print, 35 x 27 x 10.8 cm. /13.8 x 10.6 x 4.3 inches, edition 45, signed, numbered and dated, 2009

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Introduction by Brendan McGetrick and interviews with Ai Weiwei and Norman Foster.

The book provides a photographic journey of the construction of the new Beijing airport terminal, the largest covered structure in the world in a format similar to that of a traditional Chinese photo album.

ach book includes an original C-Print signed by Ai Weiwei and 147 offset printed facsimile photographs by the artist, which are dated and numered using a dry stamp on the frame. Each photo's frame is numbered and dated in engraved lettering on passe-partout. As a whole, they provide an unusual viewpoint of the building's development, from mass of scaffolding and bags of cement to the airport terminal that it is today.

The book comes in a box with two silver locks of 99.9 silver.